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Decorative Roof Corbels: The Truth about Exterior Corbel Maintenance

Friday, July 18th, 2014

These decorative corbels make the exterior design of your home (and roof design) interesting and add character. However, because they extend pass the protection of the roof eave they are subject to the weather elements which may cause wood rot as shown in these roof pictures. Maintaining wooden corbels with a fresh coat of paint annually keeps them sealed and protected from the weather elements. When these exterior corbels protrude past the protection of your roof eave and are not annually maintained with a fresh coat of paint the UV sunlight will break down the existing paint allowing water to enter into the wood when it rains. Once this happens you get wood rot. Also critters such as termites and carpenter ants love to munch on damp wood. Then it becomes a costly project to remove and replace these decorative non -supporting corbels. In short, exterior corbels are a great way to add to the look and feel of your home, but it’s essential to keep roof maintenance in mind when your roof has these decorative extras.

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