Safety Precautions to Take Depending on the Height and Pitch of Your Roof

When doing any form of roof work it is important to use safety precautions. The more steep the pitch of the roof the more precautions that need to be taken. Use this “pitch finder tool” to find the pitch of your roof.

Based on OSHA standards there are a handful of rules that must be followed based on the height of the roof from the ground, the pitch of the roof, and a few other specifications. See Cal OSHA roofing standards for more info.

Roof Scafolds For Safety

This is an example of one of the requirements OSHA has on certain roofs.

Roofing Safety Harness

This is a picture of a safety harness used on high pitch roofs.

Steep Pitched Roof

A very steep pitched roof. Can you guess what the pitch is?

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