Dry Rot and Its Effect on a Roof

Dry rot is a term that is used to describe wood and timber that has been eaten away by fungi. The fungi feed on the wood particles eventually breaking it down and making it either brittle or soft. There are two forms of fungi that are responsible for dry rot. Both forms of fungi require a certain level of water or moisture to grow and survive. Dry rot is the product of elevated levels of moisture trapped on or around the surface of wood.
The term dry rot is most commonly used in reference to construction timber, and in the construction world most commonly found in wood roofing materials. It isn’t uncommon for wood responsible for keeping the roofs structure sturdy to get wet and rot. This is usually the result of a poorly executed roofing job, or a damaged roof that has was not repaired.
If a roof has dry rot in the wood then it will compromise the structure and continue to worsen until the problem is properly fixed. This can often be fixed simply by replacing a leak in a roof and or replacing the effected wood. However, depending on the severity of damage the roof repair could turn into a roof replacement.

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