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Walking Decks: New Deck Coat System Applied

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

HoytRoofs specializes in walking decks. These are some before and after photos of a deck that we repaired. We did this by applying new Deck coat system to a HOA pool deck area that was cracked and delaminating. Check out our photos below!

walking deck repair top coat deck top coat decking Hoytroofs walking decks pook deck resurface hoa pool deck work fixing top coat of deck deck maintanence Coat repair on HOA housing



Decorative Roof Corbels: The Truth about Exterior Corbel Maintenance

Friday, July 18th, 2014

These decorative corbels make the exterior design of your home (and roof design) interesting and add character. However, because they extend pass the protection of the roof eave they are subject to the weather elements which may cause wood rot as shown in these roof pictures. Maintaining wooden corbels with a fresh coat of paint annually keeps them sealed and protected from the weather elements. When these exterior corbels protrude past the protection of your roof eave and are not annually maintained with a fresh coat of paint the UV sunlight will break down the existing paint allowing water to enter into the wood when it rains. Once this happens you get wood rot. Also critters such as termites and carpenter ants love to munch on damp wood. Then it becomes a costly project to remove and replace these decorative non -supporting corbels. In short, exterior corbels are a great way to add to the look and feel of your home, but it’s essential to keep roof maintenance in mind when your roof has these decorative extras.

decorative corbels_exterior corbels decorative corbels_paint peeling decorative corbels - wood rot decorative corbels_roof design



Leaking Roofs: Effects of a Roof Leak

Monday, December 20th, 2010

A leaking roof can be the start to a very big problem. Not only can a leaking roof require to fix the roof itself but It can damage a wide range of things around and under it. Structurally other issues in the building can be caused by a leaking room. Things like damage to the walls and ceiling causing dry rot and discoloration of paint and sheet rock. The best way to deal with a leak is to stop it as soon as it is discovered and fix all affected areas.  If you want to do some preventative maintenance be sure to check the top ten places that roof leaks can be found.

If a skylight is not done properly it can be the cause of a serious roof leak.

Here is an example of some damage that can be caused by a roof that has a leak.

This is what water damage on a ceiling looks like!

Dry Rot and Its Effect on a Roof

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Dry rot is a term that is used to describe wood and timber that has been eaten away by fungi. The fungi feed on the wood particles eventually breaking it down and making it either brittle or soft. There are two forms of fungi that are responsible for dry rot. Both forms of fungi require a certain level of water or moisture to grow and survive. Dry rot is the product of elevated levels of moisture trapped on or around the surface of wood.
The term dry rot is most commonly used in reference to construction timber, and in the construction world most commonly found in wood roofing materials. It isn’t uncommon for wood responsible for keeping the roofs structure sturdy to get wet and rot. This is usually the result of a poorly executed roofing job, or a damaged roof that has was not repaired.
If a roof has dry rot in the wood then it will compromise the structure and continue to worsen until the problem is properly fixed. This can often be fixed simply by replacing a leak in a roof and or replacing the effected wood. However, depending on the severity of damage the roof repair could turn into a roof replacement.

Safety Precautions to Take Depending on the Height and Pitch of Your Roof

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

When doing any form of roof work it is important to use safety precautions. The more steep the pitch of the roof the more precautions that need to be taken. Use this “pitch finder tool” to find the pitch of your roof.

Based on OSHA standards there are a handful of rules that must be followed based on the height of the roof from the ground, the pitch of the roof, and a few other specifications. See Cal OSHA roofing standards for more info.

Roof Scafolds For Safety

This is an example of one of the requirements OSHA has on certain roofs.

Roofing Safety Harness

This is a picture of a safety harness used on high pitch roofs.

Steep Pitched Roof

A very steep pitched roof. Can you guess what the pitch is?

San Juan Capistrano: Built Up Roof

Friday, July 16th, 2010

San Juan Capistrano Job:

Hoytroofs removed the flat roof from this home and installed a 4 ply B.U.R. roof system. ( Built-Up-Roof) This roof system consists of 4-5 layers of roofing using a hot asphalt embedded method.

Side View of Flat Roof Job

Completed Flat Roof Job

Insulation Installation and PVC Roof System

Friday, June 11th, 2010

We have recently installed insulation and a new commercial PVC roof system on a building in Knotts Berry Farm.

We started the job by installing 2″ insulation followed by the installation of CDX plywood and 1/4″ drywall. We added two roof crickets to aid and direct drainage.  The PVC roof is a single ply commercial grade roof.

Building Roof Crickets to Divert Water

Completed Commercial Roof